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Our History

At Scott Ja-Mama's Hot Barbeque, we pride ourselves on offering the delicious, bold flavors of authentic soul food and BBQ.

In September 1991, Scott Woolsey took his mom’s BBQ sauce recipe and his passion for food and started a small business. Family-owned and operated. With a 60-year-old sauce recipe.

So whether you are looking to unwind after a long day of work or celebrate with friends and family, make Scott Ja-Mama's Hot Barbeque your new go-to spot.

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is much like the slow cooking process itself: perfection doesn't come quickly or easily. That's why we put our all into every meal we make, making sure that every sauce, meat, and ingredient is prepared just right to give you the most flavorful BBQ you've ever had.

We cook the best quality meat on the market low and slow and focus on flavor. W
e strive to provide a great customer experience by working to enhance our unique and fabulous service.